Even though platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and similar are available to everyone with an internet connection, it seems that still to this day, the most popular way to discover new music is radio. The possibility of listening to the radio over the internet helps this case.

Predictions for the Future of Radio

Some researchers have studied the possible options of what might happen with the radio in the future. Here, we bring you some of the most probable predictions.


DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting is a method that allows broadcasting of multiple programmes on one frequency, unlike FM broadcasting that allows only one programme per frequency. Predictions are that it is very probable that DAB will replace FM in the future. Some old-school radio broadcasters are not so happy with this technology and do not support it taking over the traditional FM broadcasting.

Visualisation of the Radio

Isn’t that TV? You might be asking. Yes, the radio did keep boosting the imagination by not showing you faces of people behind the microphone and dance moves with songs they play, but this might not be as weird as it sounds at first. Podcasts, web news and similar visual-audio media have been around for a while.

Car Radio in the Future

For years already, cars have been equipped with gadgets sold to connect your USB stick or phone and listen to music you choose instead of FM stations. New cars are being equipped with internet connection spots and apps that allow you to listen to online radio, and a lot of online stations are starting to specialise for listening on the road. It only remains to see whether this is the end of car radios as we know them.

In conclusion, it only remains to see what the future holds for this media. Media have been changing and developing with technology since they’ve been around.