Just a couple of decades past, it was difficult even to imagine a world where we would be able to listen to the radio on so many devices; yet, today, here we are, with our favourite stations only a click away on the nearest device. Today, it is hard to imagine which technologies we will have in the future, but the fact is that the media sources are getting modernised and upgraded every day.

Listening to Radio and Podcasts on Your Device

Most of the devices available to us today can connect to the internet. Even TVs, cars and other vehicles have apps and internet connection. This means that we can use almost any device to access the internet and do things that until a few years ago, we could do only on the computer. A laptop, computer, tablet, phone, or even a VPN, such as nord-vpn.org, will allow you to listen to online radio or podcasts, the same way you can watch movies, videos and shows. Even though there are still people who like to listen to the old-fashioned radio and use it on an everyday basis, and instead choose records and similar sources to listen to music, the fact is, that it is much easier to access it through the internet.

A lot of radios choose to broadcast through the internet, either with or without the FM technology because they know it is easier to reach more audiences that way. When it comes to podcasts, there are no other sources to listen to them, apart from the internet.

A podcast is a series of audio files which are either broadcast live or pre-recorded and then made available to download or stream and listen to.

We are aware that in this modern age there is virtually no one without some kind of device with access to the internet, so why not use it to listen to your favourite radio station?