Online radio can be pre-recorded files or live broadcasts that are being streamed over the Internet. The best thing about online radio is that it is not limited within the reach of the frequency, but can be heard all over the globe.

There are three key elements in every online radio:

  • The source is a person that arranges mp3 files in the pre-recorded radios or a live voice, the host.
  • The server that puts the files in the format that allows it to be uploaded on the Internet and to be available to users, listeners.
  • The listener who has an available internet connection and that connects to the server to hear your programme.

Advantages of Online Radio

Today, in this modern age, people are more influenced by what they see or hear on the Internet and are more prone to using the Internet as their media of choice. The spoken word can often have a more powerful impact than the written one. Researches have shown that radio ads have a powerful emotional impact, which is important in engaging the audience into the online radio show.

In the past years, listenership of online radios has constantly been growing. The research has shown that the online radio audience is highly desirable: people with children, people who own their own homes and people with high annual incomes.

Online radio is also very cost-effective, as it is much cheaper than the AM and FM radios. Monthly fees for professional creators services are pretty small compared to other media. The fact that you can set up everything yourself also cuts the costs. Most of the online radios have their own studios. Some servers even allow the call-ins from listeners making the show interactive. This means you can adjust it to whatever kind of programme you want to have on your radio. All the files can also be saved and archived, making it available to you even after the original broadcasting.