Online radios are a good, easy and often inexpensive way of getting out there and starting a project of your own, or maybe even a profession you like, want and love. Here we bring some advice on how to get started.

Starting Your Own Online Radio Station

To start with your own broadcast, first of all, you will need to set up a server. As you can see from the topics below there are a few different ways to do this:

  • You can make your PC a streaming server. Along with getting and installing software like IceCast or Broadwave, you will need some technical knowledge on how to use microphones and work in programmes like Audacity to start you off.
  • You can use a third party streaming host. There are plenty of websites that you can sign up to that serve as a software and a server for starting your own radio shows. The best part is that most of these websites offer a free trial where you can create an account for free and try it out, and then upgrade it if you feel that is necessary. Some of these websites are Live365, BlogTalkRadio, Stream Guys, ShoutCheap etc. All of the websites offer different packages, access to statistic and market metrics, and similar tools, so they are worth checking out.

What to Know Before Starting

  • Decide on the concept – you need to know what kind of music you want to play, what kind of topics will you cover, do you want to host DJs or artists, and similar issues.
  • Branding is important – name, programming, targeted audience and messages you want to send are essential issues to think about before starting.
  • Check the laws – check your country’s laws on online radios before starting to make sure your name won’t break copyright laws, where you can broadcast and what kind of content, as well as getting to know music copyright laws.