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Meet the Team

  • DynamiteDJ Hi Guys n Gals, I'm Dan aka DynamiteDJ, the founder and Creator of Dynamite Radio, I am the Owner, DJ, Webmaster and Techie for Dynamite Radio and also do a lot of work behind the scenes on the servers and software, I play a wide variety of music and aim to play all requests within 10 minutes, the only time i can't do this is when i have a lot of requests and i play them in order!
  • Freddie Hi im dj fred aka Jacobssonboy im from Sweden and im 28 years old loves good music and movies and im a metal music junkie but any music goes for me so i hopes you will like my shows. I'm a DJ, Room Admin and enthusiastic listener.
  • DJ Paul Hi All, I'm Paul aka DJ Paul, I'm a DJ here hosting shows like the Camp Corner on a Monday Evening and Freaky Friday with others in between, I play a wide variety of music and aim to play all requests providing it fits into the show genre. Feel free to email me at DJ Paul
  • DynamizHi, I'm Sam aka DynaMiz, i'm Married to DynamiteDJ (Dan) and we live in the North East UK, I'm 23 Years old and i am an admin for Dynamite Radio and help with the design aspects of the website by giving Dan my opinions. I have a love for music and really enjoy all types.
  • John aka DJ Bear I got my start DJ'ing music at a club in Tampa, Florida circa 1978 programing disco dance hits. After moving to NYC in 1980 the DJ market was saturated and was forced to program "dance tapes" for friends to play at parties. I was avid collector of vinyl and stayed in touch with the music scene. I moved to the San Francisco bay area in 1998 with my employer as a transfer but never played professional in clubs or radio. Then through the wonderful era of the internet I got my first volunteer station as a DJ. From there I jumped around station to station as one closed another one opened. I found my niche with Dynamite and when I first started I was the only DJ in the US. I know I can bring a whole new audience to the Dynamite station being popular on the net and with friends. I know I can bring my personality back into full swing programing music with my Way Back Machine. I'm honored to be part of this great team once again.
  • DJ BobMy name is Bob Tharp; I am a part-time DJ and Music has always been huge part of my life as a professional DJ playing in Clubs From the early part of 1979 till 2002 I have many friends in the industry other DJ just to throw out a few names Bobby Viteritti Bill Board DJ of the year 1978 1979, Also played at the largest Gay Dance club in San Francisco Trocadero, Robbie Leslie DJ Studio 54, The Saint NY, Well I have a strong connection with other DJ’s as well, Please feel free to visit my Facebook page Here most of my Facebook is communication with other DJ’s and download link for mp3 music files..
  • Captain Bob Bob's been making mix tapes since he got his first cassette recorder at about ten years old. His tastes are eclectic, running from Gregorian Chat to Alternative, and beyond. Bob is also a biologist, teacher,writer, and artist. He lives near San Francisco, California and is very excited about being a DJ for Dynamite Radio

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